Elaine Houston!

Once Rebecca sent out five PR releases to promote my book on my behalf, she warned me that this will likely not be fruitful, but it was a great start.  I was hardly prepared to receive an e-mail from Rebecca just four days later indicating that Elaine Houston would like to speak to me on Memorial Day via telephone to interview me about my book.

Elaine Houston is our local news anchor at WNYT.  I watch her every evening that I watch the news.  She is about as real to me as Oprah Winfrey – someone you love and watch with great dedication but you never really dream you will be able to meet her.

I read the e-mail from Rebecca, and I read it again.  I sat dumbfounded at the screen of my computer as if I have forgotten how to comprehend the English language, because it is just not sinking in.   So I read the e-mail out loud.  That helped. 

I bolted out of my chair and ran through the house like a screaming banshee – “Elaine Houston, wants to interview me, Elaine Houston wants to interview me!”  My six year old son gets so excited and joins in by yelling jumping and running through the house as well.  Understandably, my husband has no idea what is going on.  Neither did my son, but he was just excited for the license to act like a dork since Mommy was doing it.  What a sight.

I settle down, and then call Rebecca so we can be excited together.  She makes sure that I understand though – that this is no guarantee.  This is just a telephone interview and does not equate to a television spot.

So now the pressure is on… I must sound halfway intelligent which is so hard to do when you are nervous. 

Despite a stuttering start on my part, it went well.  So well in fact, that Elaine Houston asked if she could come to my home with a camera crew to interview me on camera!

When I called Rebecca that night – she threw caution to the wind.  She finally gave me the permission to be excited. 

Boy oh boy, I sure was.


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6 responses to “Elaine Houston!

  1. Holly Traver

    I am so very happy for you!
    Best of luck with the interview!

  2. Dierdre Petee

    OMG! WOW! What a great start INDEED! When I first started reading your blog, I thought, hmmm, this must be a school assignment, it’ll probably be boring, stiff and way too formal to be interesting (sorry!). Boy, was I wrong. As your posts became more frequent and more personal, I began counting the hours until I could read another one! Then it started to remind me of the book “Julie and Julia” and I started to think to myself, “ya know, this blog could be a great book one day too… and maybe even a funny movie!” Yes, Alicia… I believe in you too! Your prose is not only interesting, but funny, insightful, poignant and relevant. Keep on writing! I love what I’m reading…

    • Dierdre, I am glad to know that this post WAS NOT a snooze fest. 😉 I love your candor – it adds so much interest to my blog! I love the reference to Julie and Julia because that was a HUGE inspiration when I created this blog. Thanks always for the positive encouragement.

  3. Alicia… it’s an absolute blast to watch this develop. Shows us all just how powerful education and social media can be.

    On that note… I plan to get my “profiles of the extraordinary” cranking up in the next few weeks for my blog. Can I profile you?

  4. Wade – you are so right! Who knew just a few years ago that social media would be such a dominate factor in our lives today. Just so you know – there is nothing extraordinary about what I am doing. The point is that anyone can do it. But hey, I am up for anything!

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