Quite a week

If any of you know me personally, then you know that my family has faced quite a crisis this past week.  It was devastating and heart wrenching.  For those of you who don’t, I bring it up only to explain the somewhat erratic consistency in which I have posted my blog this week.  I had little desire to get out of bed much less blog.  Please forgive me. 

I have to get back to doing the thing I love to do.  I love to write in this blog.  Today is a new day.  Onward and upward.

Sometimes, behind dark storm clouds a beautiful rainbow blooms and acts of kindness abound. 

I have been reading a great deal about how social media and the internet is making us less connected to each other.  If you agree with that (as did I until two weeks ago) get ready because here is a story of beauty and selflessness that has connected me with an amazing woman thousands of miles away.

I met Rebecca Brink online.  She is a PR Consultant who runs her own firm in Los Angeles, California.  She has clients that have been on CNN – you know important people, with lots of money.  Our first online dialogue happened when she sent me an e-mail introducing herself and then she simply declared that she is going to help me to promote my book.  Her fee?  Pro Bono.  Which means in my case… well let’s figure this out together:

0% of zero = zilch.  Nadda.

There is something so remarkably altruistic about this gesture.  Apparently Rebecca read a little about me and then decided to help me.  She told me that many people have helped her along on her path to her dreams and she would like to do the same for me. 

It is very possible that I may never lay eyes on this beautiful soul in person and with no prior connection she decided to help me.  Rebecca has renewed my faith in the human spirit by this wonderful gesture.

Rebecca wrote a very nice PR release on my behalf and sent it to a couple of journalists that are local to the Capital Region in New York. 

And what came next shocked the heck out of me.


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3 responses to “Quite a week

  1. Janan

    I am so proud of you!!! I knew this has always been your true passion and it shows…You deserve all of it…You worked your a– off to get as far as you have and I cant even put into words how Happy I am for you…No one deserves it as much as you..You have a drive about you that is indescribable…You are awesome and I wish you the best in this Journey and Know this path is taking you to bigger and better things…I love you and am extremely happy for you…
    All My Love, Janan

  2. I love you Jananie! Thanks for always giving me such honest, pure, loving support. Having this has always given me such strength. You are a great example of how positve support is essential when anyone is trying to accomplish a goal. Sending lots of love your way. 🙂

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