Summertime, time to sit back and unwind

It is 89 degrees today and the says that it feels like 94. It is AWESOME. At the start of each season, I swear that the current season is my favorite. I just love them all. Summer does bring a bit of liberty that we had missed for the entire winter. I am preoccupied with the plans for the weekend. It seems to me that takes a lot of planning and preparation so that you can appropriately relax.

I feel terrible for my professors. They can hardly compete with the weather on days like this. I sit in class daydreaming of an evening barbeque with my boys looking for fireflies. I am sure that the professors are thinking of their own plans for the holiday themselves. After the class this evening I will not have class until Tuesday of next week. I am looking forward to the long weekend. I have to attend to my homework and my list of chores before I get too ahead of myself. It is only Wednesday after all.

To all of you reading this – enjoy the weather – whatever weather you are currently having today. It will pass us in a flash.


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2 responses to “Summertime, time to sit back and unwind

  1. I also love the beginning of every season! and the weather here is terrible, oh well! 🙂

    • I am sorry to hear that, but bad weather is a great opportunity to read, cook and catch up on mindless TV and really chill. I hope you enjoy it anyway. Today was a lazy post from me – that is because it is a lazy day. 😉

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