The Spring Semester is over!

I am proud to say that I have completed my first semester as a graduate student. Yay!  I have enjoyed the communications program so much. It was really a great choice for me.  There are times I am so far out of my comfort zone it is insane, but it’s all good. 

In my life I was a college drop out for far longer than I was a college graduate.  I slumped along in my life without one until I was 34 years old.  I have a sorted relationship with college.  It was like a bad marriage – on again, off again.  I dropped out more times than I really should admit to.  I had so many W’s on my community college transcript that you’d think I was a republican.

I made some great friends and I now feel more accepted, but this is one intimidating group!  These people have interesting jobs in communications or PR.  One of my new friends had an article published in the local paper and another (who has TWO young kids at home) spends his free time writing letters to his local congressman.  I seriously have all I can do to keep up with the work of school and make sure that we all have clean underwear.  I can’t send my son to school without it.  I have a feeling that may be frowned upon in his Catholic school.  Just a hunch.

As it always is, at the end of the semester I felt exhilarated.  It really goes by in a flash. I didn’t get a 4.0.  I got a 3.83 which means I got 1 A and 2 A-‘s.  So I guess I can hold my own. However my final grade for the semester in the “laundry” category is a D.  This grade is generous as is evidenced by the load of whites that is currently strewn haphazardly, overflowing out of the basket in my bedroom.  We have been pawing through them for a week to find a matching pair of socks.  Because I haven’t done laundry in such a long time I had forgotten a load in the washer.  Whewee!  They are RIPE.  Not quite snuggle fresh.  I may have to secretly throw those clothes away.  Let’s hope my husband isn’t reading this post. 

In my opinion keeping up with the household chores may just be the hardest part about going back to school as an adult.

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