Ehh? Can you speak up; my hearing aide batteries are dying

Earlier this week, I sat in the student center trying to finish a paper when I found myself distracted by two teeny boppers (obviously freshmen) whispering like crazy. 

Come on girls.  Speak up.  I am old.  I can hardly eavesdrop if you are speaking so quietly. 

Surely you know this because I am certain it is me that you are whispering about.  Me and my big rapper headphones that I use to TUNE YOU OUT. 

Their immaturity rubbed off on me and I huffed at them before I went to the bathroom.  That trick turned out to be pretty effective because when I returned, they were gone. 

I put my headphones back on so I could go back to listening to Mozart and working on my paper.  I was thinking the whole time that I should move my study time to Barnes and Noble, Starbucks or the Rec Room of the nursing home down the street.  I may fit in better there and can possibly get more done.


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2 responses to “Ehh? Can you speak up; my hearing aide batteries are dying

  1. Melissa

    Ok, now that was funny – not the situation but the way you wrote it and your study location options. I would go for the rec room at the nursing home, lots ‘o napping and not much rec. Rock on with your rapper headphones. Really they were just jealous!

  2. No you are right, it was funny. Just a little generational gap thing going on here. No big deal. Melissa, remember when we were young and our mothers told us that all styles come back? We thought they were as old as dirt as they said it. When I was watching these two young girls, I realized one had high top sneakers on with wide laces and puffy socks. The other girl had “skinny jeans” on that are tight at the end with those little slipper like flats. Sound familiar? I’ll have to call my mom and tell her she was right.

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