Panic of the looming deadline

So procrastination and distraction is finally catching up with me.  Oh boy, it’s April first.  Great.  I feel like I have done nothing this semester.  Oh that’s not entirely true.  I have blogged a great deal about doing nothing.  Wow, I have some serious character flaws.  Maybe I should stop blogging and do some work on my research papers or my projects. 

Let me just check Facebook quick. 

It will be a miracle if I graduate.


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2 responses to “Panic of the looming deadline

  1. Melissa

    Thanks for making me smile. I was just on Facebook! It’s the devil…just kidding. Miracles happen every day and you will graduate, most likely without the miracle!

  2. Facebook is an addiction. Can’t you just imagine that soon there will be support groups and rehabilitation groups for people like us?

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