Garage to Glory

CrewI am very excited today.  Today we are recording a live show at St. Rose.  It is called Garage to Glory.  The Times Union and St. Rose are working together to host a competition where local music groups compete for the top prize.  The top prize for the winning group is a music video and a CD.  We will be streaming live tonight starting at 7:00.  My new friend, Dan Fogarty will be the host for the evening! 

I am thrilled to be a part of this.  If all goes well, I will be the one putting up the names on the screen of the bands as they go on stage.  At least you know who to blame if that doesn’t happen. 

It should be really cool – so check it out tonight.  The live streaming link is below.


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2 responses to “Garage to Glory

  1. Bev

    Oh wow, I can’t wait for this. Nobody gets on this computer but me tonight. New rule in the house. Have fun and good luck.

    • It will be lots of fun. You will have to tell me the band that you hope will win! Our class will be shooting their music video too. Live show. Yikes. No pressure. 🙂

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