Crisis Communications

This is my third and final class.  I love this class too.  How can these professors be professors?  I thought this profession was reserved for stodgy old know it alls.  Not mine.  Mine are just cool people who I would like to chat with.  Maybe it is because our age and professional experience makes me connect with them more than my classmates.  Maybe I am just lucky and they are really down to earth people.  My crisis professor is just awesome.  No other way to describe her.  She is the girl who never seems frazzled.  No matter what life throws at her she is always going to say the right thing in a polished and professional way that won’t piss anyone off.  Man, I admire the heck out of her.  This class teaches us how to be professional in the worst situations.  No tests in this class either.  That is three for three.  Grad school is all right.  No tests, just papers and projects.  I know I can swing this.

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