Media Ethics

Sounds like a snooze fest right?  That is exactly what I thought until I went to one class.  I am not sure if it is the subject matter that makes this class so good or if it is the professor.  He is the calmest, coolest cat around.  I feel so relaxed after leaving this class that I feel like I do after a yoga class.  Invigorated and refreshed.

We have to write 2, 25 page papers for this class.  Writing!   🙂

But we have to write about media ethics.  Hmmm…

And we have to sound intelligent about it.  Hmmm…

I guess the thing that really freaks me out is that it is a research paper.  You have to do research.  Which is fine, but I really don’t know how to go about researching anything credible – well beyond Google and Wikipedia that is.  How do you research a topic without reading half of the library?  How do you weed it down?  Is it even necessary in this day and age to go to the library?  Do I have to go to the library and confess to the librarian that I am a graduate student that knows nothing about research?  Can’t I sit here in my jammies to research on my computer?

I think it is a travesty that I have graduated from college without learning this critical skill.  I think this should be a course that you take right after you are accepted.  Speaking of ethics, I don’t think that it is ethical that research is not emphasized in the college curriculum, darn it! 

I may just have to go to the student services center and see if they can help me.  Yuck.  Maybe I will just start with Google.  I will start a search of “how to do educational research”.  Does this seem humorous to anyone else?

If any of you reading this now and would like to impart some words of wisdom, boy would I be appreciative.


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2 responses to “Media Ethics

  1. Holly

    I would start with the research librarians–they are knowledgeable beyond belief! They could point you in other directions beyond Google.

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