Uh… excuse me. Did you say this was the advanced class?

On my second day of Digital Video Production, (the class that takes place in the TV studio) my professor said something about this class being the advanced class. 


“Excuse me professor. Did you say this was the advanced class?”


It would appear that this class is a hybrid class.  Meaning that there are undergrad students and grad students all together.  All of the undergrads have been in this program for a few years.  There are only three of us that are graduates and ironically we are the newbie’s.  Except that out of the three of us there is only one that has no experience whatsoever in communications, camera equipment – well anything that would help here. 

Yup, you guessed it.  That fortunate soul is me. 

So I am the oldest one, the one whose stomach growls in every class, and now the unsophisticated one as well.  This is exactly how I was hoping to be remembered in this world.

Here I am with a background in Elementary Education.  I am quietly arguing with my ever grumbling stomach and cursing myself.  Seriously, what am I doing here?  The only thing I know about communications is reading to a group of children.  Well, I am surrounded by kids so much younger than me that it rings familiar.  I guess I am here to pass out cookies and read a Dr. Seuss book during circle time because clearly that is all I have to offer this group.  At least the goodies will help me make friends.  

I’d better get baking.


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3 responses to “Uh… excuse me. Did you say this was the advanced class?

  1. Hey, if you bring cookies to Digital Video Prod, I think you need to bring ’em to Crisis Communications too. I like chocolate chip. 🙂

  2. Noted. Thanks for putting your order in. Any particular Children’s book you’d like me to feature?

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