Day Two

After the second day I have had the benefit of attending all three of my classes. They are all awesome. I love them, I love my professors and I am really getting jazzed about this entire program.

What I love about going back to school is that I feel vibrantly alive. I feel young…ger. I love that feeling.

The only thing about this program though is that it seems to me though that everyone really knows each other. I am the new one to this crowd. I don’t know the secret handshake yet. On the up side, I am not the oldest one. I figure that two people are older than me. I am not going to focus on the fact that they are the professors. Only two of them.

I am pretty sure that the third professor is about 4 years my junior.


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2 responses to “Day Two

  1. I felt like I was starving for classroom discussion. I’m eatin’ this college thing up.

    And the secret handshake is three pumps, a fist-bump, and a high-five. Shhhh. Don’t tell anyone else.

  2. I am loving it too Wade. Thanks for the admission into the secret club. NOW I am officially accepted. 🙂

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