Changing course – Pun intended

I had to go back to college.  Sitting at home undertaking a fruitless job search each day was leading me to an early grave.  I had to make the most of it to take this time to get my degree.  Then I would be that much more marketable when this job market finally started to recover. 

I got busy.  I wrote my essay and applied to the school of communications at St. Rose.    I looked over the courses.  Some of them looked very interesting.  It was scary though.  What did I know about Communications?  Absolutely nothing. 

So I made my list of pros and cons of entering the communications program. 


1)   Very interesting classes.

2)   Professional applicability.  Every profession requires excellent communication skills.  I just wasn’t jazzed about it yet. 

3)   I could earn my degree much quicker in communications than in Creative Writing.  Got to get back to work.  Darn mortgage.


1)   This felt an awful lot like selling myself short.  I am really against that. 

2)   I don’t like putting my writing dream further on the back burner.  Not getting any younger Alicia.  If not now, then when?

3)   If I did enter the communications program, I would be depriving myself of the dazzling future interview question:  “I see you have a degree in Creative Writing.  Interesting.  Please explain how this will help you in this Human Resources Position.” 

I submitted my application, but every day I kept second guessing myself.  Should I just go back and take a few more classes in English and follow my heart?  I’d have to take British Literature (yuck), a Shakespeare course (ugh) and some other equally dreary classes in order to even be considered into the program.  While I may be a prolific reader by some standards I stick to the latest in best-selling fiction, whatever book a friend has passed along to me, the Oprah Magazine and the Chinese take-out menus.  I just wanted to learn how to be a writer; I didn’t really feel like reliving my high school English classes.  I skipped most of them for a reason. 

But man, I really wanted to write.  Did I make the right choice to apply to the Communications program?


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6 responses to “Changing course – Pun intended

  1. Dierdre

    Well, let’s see… reasons for getting a Communications degree?
    You can apply for almost any job (engineering and mathematician not withstanding)…
    You can talk to almost anyone (even the President!) with relative ease and feel confident you’ll at least be articulate!
    You can get a great job in HR! Be a training and development professional… a labor relations professional, an employee relations leader, an employee advocate who can still keep the best interests of the Company in mind…
    You can be a journalist!
    You can be a Public Relations peep!
    You can be a professional fundariser!
    You can be the President!
    Convinced yet?
    Communications = VERSATILITY!!
    Gotta love it!

    • Dierdre, I am so glad that you responded. These are all terrific reasons and I must admit I like the reassurance of something so solid. I think you should write the literature for my school’s new communication program. I’ll put in a good word.

  2. Dierdre

    um… it wasn’t too obvious I earned my degree in Communications was it? I don’t want to sound too biased!

  3. I have often wondered if I am making the right choice in getting my master’s in Communications. I’ve got a BS in Materials Engineering, and I was making excellent money in my last job. I’ll probably take a big hit in pay with a new job. Of course, I’m making zippo right now since I’m unemployed. Interesting how in some respects, we find ourselves in the same boat.

    After pondering it, I’m pretty confident that I made the right choice. I’m really enjoying grad school. I hope you are coming to that conclusion, too.

    You’ve got a fantastic blog going! I look forward to following it.

  4. I hope you read Dierdre’s comments above to help you solidify your decision on if you made the right decision. As for my current comfort level with the grad program, well you will have to keep reading. 🙂 Thanks for the kudos on the blog. You have a following of your own sir and I am happy to be a part of it.

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