Online Classes? Not for me.

I thought of going to school online.  There is a seduction in distance, online learning.  You can sit in your PJ’s and take it at your own pace.  I took an online class once.  It was a disaster.  I am just not disciplined enough for it.  I like the face time that a brick and mortar campus can provide. 

I narrowed my search to 2 local schools with grad programs in creative writing.  There was one at SUNY Albany, the other at The College of St. Rose, the school where I earned my bachelors degree.  I applied to Saint Rose despite the fact it was much more expensive due to the fact that I absolutely loved this school.  The teachers were awesome, the class size is excellent and the whole campus fits my personality.  And, I didn’t have to take the GRE (it is a graduate exam) in order to be considered.  That was no small factor let me tell you.  So I applied to St. Rose, thinking my acceptance was a slam dunk.  I wished I saved the entrance essay that I submitted with my application because I would have attached it here for a laugh.


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2 responses to “Online Classes? Not for me.

  1. Dierdre

    so… does this mean you DIDN’T get into St. Rose? Do I have to read the rest of the blog to find out, or are you leaving us in suspense for future blog entries?

  2. 🙂 Keep reading Dierdre.

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