Motivation to go back to college…

I wonder.  If it weren’t for tyrannical bosses, crazy co-workers, dead-end jobs and unemployment how many of us would start or return to college after being out of the routine for so many years?  I guess some good has to come from all dreadful things. 

I am in the last category.  As of July of last year I found myself unemployed.   

I took all the requisite actions being unemployed. 

I figure that there are four stages. 

1) Use all the panic you have about newly unemployed status as fuel to organize your house. 

2) Make plans for the future.

3) Take a flippin vacation.  Not in the Bahamas.  Just the kind where you don’t pick up the phone so much for a week.  You want to acclimate yourself to that silence if you can’t afford the phone bill in the near future.

4) Get on with your  life.  

I went through these pretty quickly. 

In phase two, I made plans to go back to school.  In phase three I dreamt about how it would feel to go back to school.  In phase four I finally applied and got the process going. 

I was excited.  I would finally go back to school for English with a Creative Writing Concentration.  Man, I feel like I have wanted to major in English since I was in 8th grade and took Mr. Rathgab’s “Creative Writing” course. 

Little did I know that the universe had a different route mapped out for me.

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